Alebo Industries is a company that plans to bring a diverse and innovative series of creative products and services to market. Based in science and technology, the ideas we have been working on were born of a desire to provide tools, experiences, and even comforts that people all over the world can use directly to make our lives a little better personally, but that facilitate social innovation that can bring larger positive changes to everyone.

Even when our ideas may be somewhat whimsical, we will contribute financially to making the world a better place. In 1970, many wealthy United Nations member states made a commitment  to contribute 0.7% of their GDP towards development assistance, a pledge that has been repeatedly re-endorsed at the highest level at international aid and development conferences, by the European Union, at the G8 Gleneagles Summit, and at the UN World Summit. While nations may fail to achieve this simple and modest goal, we believe that such an investment is the least that can be done to reduce social inequity and improve global stability. To that end, we pledge to donate 0.7% of our company’s gross income to development assistance domestically and worldwide, with an emphasis on helping to improve gender and other diversity in STEM fields, and to providing what support we can to organizations that work to alleviate poverty and empower communities. Additionally, we plan to support the Open Source projects whose efforts we rely on to do what we do — through both financial and technical contributions.

While we will be starting out modestly, we have some really big ideas to pursue once we are rolling!