Effectiveness Tools

We are feverishly working on our first major product introduction which we hope will make a contribution to the way people, from many diverse cultures, manage their time. A combination of physical artifact and online infrastructure, the sky is the limit in the flexibility of this set of integrated solutions. In product trials since July 2017, it has been well refined through real-world use. We started a small-scale alpha test in mid-2018. We are in the supply chain setup phase, will be completing the first version of the online component, and plan to release some time in 2020.

Information Technology

While developing our software-based services, and even our physical products, we found many “under the hood” tools were lacking and would probably be beneficial to numerous organizations, large and small. We intend to commercialize some of these, and release others as Open Source projects (or contribute them to existing efforts).

Electronics Products and OEM Subsystems

There are a number of innovative projects in the wings based on electronics (from scientific instruments, to entertainment and wellness items) that we have prototypes for and plan to bring to market. Much as we found with our software-services work, we were frustrated that a number of seemingly obvious components were lacking that would have made our work so much more effective, and we plan to make those available as OEM products as well.